Hidden Encounters

HIDDEN ENCOUNTERS, by Doug Waller (2015)

"As we criss-crossed the state of Ohio, going as far west as Mercer County and as far east as Columbiana County, also north, twice, near Lake Erie and to the very southern end of the state near Pomeroy and Portsmouth on the Ohio River, we discovered people who wanted to talk about Bigfoot. They told us about their encounters - how it affected them and, in many cases, how their experience changed their lives!

This is what I seek: their stories! I want to record as many of them as I can. I want them written down, so as to preserve a part of our state's history and one of our hidden residents, the Sasquatch!"

Click on the image to see an excerpt from page 16 of Hidden Encounters.

This is Doug Waller's second book about Bigfoot. He has also written Standing in the Shadows (2013), Screams in the Night (2016)Bigfoot Reports (2019), Silent Forest (2020), and Stolen Serenity (2023) He lives in Norwich, Ohio. 

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