Voices in the Wilderness w/audio CD

A riveting first-hand account of Bigfoot encounters in the remote wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

This book is about the experiences of Ron Morehead, a man who witnessed, recorded, and had vocal interactions between himself and a family of giant beings, commonly referred to as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. His story begins in 1971 when he, along with a group of five other hunters, encountered these creatures in a remote and imposing part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. It spans his 40-year history trekking in-and-out of this secluded area to seek out and understand the enigmas associated with these beings. What makes his story so different and compelling is not only the supporting documentation but the recurrent effort on the part of these ‘sentient beings’ to communicate with this group of hunters. In this book, the author has included a CD with actual recorded interactions. It also provides the context in which they were made. When the ‘Track Number’ appears in the book, the reader can play that sound interactively on the CD. The video below contains excerpted sounds from the audio CD:

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