The Quantum Bigfoot

The Quantum Bigfoot, by Ron Morehead (2017)

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Ron Morehead, world-renowned researcher and author of "Voices in the Wilderness" and co-recorder of the famous "Sierra Sounds" (immortalized in the Bigfoot Recordings audio CDs), branches out into uncharted territory in this acclaimed new book. In Ron’s 45+ years of research, he has come across many strange reports that don't necessarily fit within the laws of classical science. By applying quantum mechanics to these otherwise fantastical reports Ron has begun to start identifying just how these beings might exist and be able to escape detection while living around us.

Excerpts from Chapter 4.

So how does quantum physics relate to spirituality and Bigfoot? In my 45+ years of researching this phenomenon, I’ve heard several very strange reports. A few of these reports, from seemingly heartfelt people, claimed that these creatures disappeared. Is that even possible? Can the laws of quantum physics actually answer that question? Knowing what I know, I’m compelled to delve in and see. The accepted mathematics of quantum physics says that there is more going on than what we see with our three-dimensional eyes.

Scientists now know, through physics, that empty space (Dark Matter, Dark Energy) is not actually empty…however, it is a dimension existing outside of the human light spectrum and the observable vibrational frequency. It seems to me that classical science has restricted itself by its own disciplines and because of those disciplines, will never grasp the big picture. If we use the classical box to try and determine all that exists, we would never begin to understand the cosmos, e.g., the world of spirituality.

The math of quantum physics indicates that there are at least eleven dimensions in existence…possibly innumerable. So, could the laws of quantum physics be the answer to the Bigfoot mysteries? If so, how do we move forward in that possibility?

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