Bigfoot "Patty" Replica Head

This replica is truly amazing!

From KloneFX and Hollywood special effects artist Doug Hudson comes an incredibly detailed, life-sized bust of the most famous Bigfoot of all: Patty, from the legendary 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film.

Meticulously hand-crafted with measurements derived from the film makes this museum quality piece highly accurate. Cast out of polyurethane foam with a rubber skin, the replica has hand-painted glass eyes and is fully covered in faux fur (no animals or Bigfoot were harmed in the making!). This massive bust stands at 21 inches tall, 18 inches wide and weighs 15 pounds. Head only: $1,350

Patty head in a museum-like acrylic vitrine case on a wood base: $1,925 (Keeps your Patty bust dust-free and safe.)

Patty head, acrylic vitrine case and wood base on a custom built wood pedestal w/plaque featuring a still from the 1967 P-G film: $2,145

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, as each replica is handcrafted to order by the artist and will approximate extremely closely to the photos.

And please note shipping costs are not inexpensive! These are large, heavy items that are very carefully packed. Every shipment is completely insured.

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