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The Bigfoot Store is expanding! And we're looking for new vendors that would like to reach a bigger, national audience. 

Launched in November of last year, The Bigfoot Store is in the top 15% of all online stores that started the same week. Of course, if you're even reading this, you already know that Bigfoot is a hugely popular cultural icon. And not just in the United States and Canada!

Our store is designed to appeal to all levels of Bigfoot/Sasquatch enthusiasts. From the casual fan that might believe the cryptid, bipedal being exists, to witnesses and in-the-know Bigfoot researchers that have devoted their lives to finding the elusive Big Fella, we have a wide variety of products to satisfy the Bigfoot in all of us!

And while we're adding more and more of our own products, what people really are really looking for are the creative artists out there painting, carving, or sculpting their own interpretations of Sasquatch. If you're a Bigfoot or cryptid artist interested in having us sell your work in our store, just drop us an email ( and we will explain our vendor program. You'll be pleasantly surprised that it weighs heavily in your favor.

Authors are very popular as well. We have regionally and internationally renowned Bigfoot authors selling their books in our store, and readers are always looking for more to fuel their thirst for information. If you have any Sasquatch or cryptid-oriented books send us an email at

And if you're not a Bigfoot artist or author but you know one, please let them know about us. We're growing and they can jump on board with us!

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Tina Quaintance
Tina Quaintance

July 26, 2019

I have rusty metal art ranging from $1.25 for a charm to $12.50 for a welcome sign with Bigfoot and trees above it. Let me know your email address and I can send you some pictures. Tina Q

Lisa Russell
Lisa Russell

January 05, 2019

Hi, I have a handmade cryptozoology themed business called Cryptid Comforts. To see my work go to or I live in the Pacific Northwest. I sell mostly at cryptid events, but would love to expand my market. I’m interested in hearing more from you if you’re interested in my work.

Lesley Folan
Lesley Folan

August 24, 2018

Hello! Headsweats is a performance headwear company that carries a popular line of Big Foot hats that would be a perfect fit for your store. We offer wholesale pricing so please take a look at the link provided and let me know if you’d like to talk further! Thank you -Lesley

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