Yukon Ranger Series Night Vision Binoculars

The Yukon Ranger RT is an improved night vision device with a number of unique features born of modern optical and digital technologies. The device's IR-illuminator operates in the remote field of the IR-range (940nm), invisible by the unaided eye and has a gradual power intensity adjustment function and memorization of a fixed emanation level. The Yukon Ranger RT IR Illuminator Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope is fully self-contained (powered with six AA batteries) but can also operate on external sources. With the adjustment wheel on the front panel, you can choose the brightness level of the display. The Yukon Ranger RT Night Vision Monocular also features Built-in Video with outputs for direct video recording. You now have the power to record night-time activities to a degree far superior to any video or surveillance system available.

Shipping: 12-20 days

Operating Voltage: 6-9V
Type: Binocular
Infrared Ray Launcher Type: Single Transmitter
Weight: 0.65kg
Magnification: 6.5x-13x
Effective Visual Distance: 350m
Size: 170x116x76mm
Model Number: #28047
Type: Yukon Night Vision
Battery type: 6xAA (Not included)

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