Sasquatch Coffee Taster Pack


Three 4 oz. drip grind trial size, includes one each Feelin' Squatchy - Medium/dark roast; Squatch Stomp - Dark roast; Ape Canyon - Medium Roast

Micro-roasted in small batches to ensure the highest quality coffee with the smoothest, most satisfying flavor, Sasquatch Coffee beans are selected from the best coffee growing regions from around the world.

Fellow squatchers and java fans will tell you that Sasquatch Coffee, owned by Bigfoot enthusiasts, is more than just fun names and a cool label. Sasquatch Coffee is seriously GOOD coffee! The 12 oz. packages of whole roasted coffee beans are $15.99 each. There are 9 different blends and flavors to choose for different moods and time of day.

Sasquatch Coffee - The Official Coffee of The Bigfoot Store! (Yes, we really drink it!)

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