Sasquatch BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce with BIG Flavor!

Handcrafted in small batches, Sasquatch BBQ Sauce is sweet and spicy and the perfect complement to any meat. Available in 16 oz jars in four great varieties. Please allow 5-7 days for shipping, as we often have to cook over the weekend to keep up with demand. 

  • Mild -  A sweet sauce with a slight bite.
  • Spicy -  The bite of spice hits your palate and lingers momentarily, allowing you to enjoy the sweetness of the sauce.
  • X-tra Spicy -  For those of you who enjoy a little X-TRA SPICE in your Sauce!
  • Inferno Wing Sauce -  First you get the sweet, then you get the heat! A slightly thinner sauce than the rest of our Sauce line.
  • Gift Pack - Four 8 oz jars of "SQUATCHY" goodness! (Includes one each of Mild, Spicy, X-tra Spicy, and Inferno Wing Sauce. 

There's also a Gift Pack available with all 4 flavors in 8 oz jars. Perfect for sending to your BBQ sauce-loving friends and family (makes a great sampler pack, too)!

SHIPPING: 7-10 days. Shipments are very carefully packaged in a USPS Flat Rate box, and the cost is the same to ship 1-4 16 oz jars: $18.95 - 5-8 jars (2 flat rate boxes): $38


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