Bigfoot Vitruvian Coffee Mug

Handcrafted by Elusive Hare

A "big" take on one of the most famous images in the world! Beloved for its beauty and symbolic power, Leonardo da Vinci's original 1490 drawing of a male figure perfectly inscribed in a circle and square (known as the "Vitruvian Man") illustrated what he believed to be a divine connection between the human form and the universe. Well, in this case, between Bigfoot and the universe!

This wonderfully detailed handmade mug is beautifully sculpted by artist Kim Ristau of Elusive Hare. Sculpted in a tan speckled clay and highlighted with a light brown satin glaze with dark chocolate and blue specs. Each mug has a thumb rest with a footprint impression

These heavy duty mugs are dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave safe and can hold up to 2 cups/16 oz. of your favorite coffee, tea or beverage - hot or cold!

NOTE: This is handmade artwork. Each piece may contain slight imperfections and variations in color and features as no two are exactly the same.

Size: 16 oz.

Weight: 1.75 lbs. ea

Shipping: 2-5 days - 1 mug $12,   2 mugs $16,   3 mugs $18,   4 mugs $24

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