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Bigfoot Coffee Mug

Handcrafted by Elusive Hare

These wonderfully detailed handmade mugs are beautifully sculpted by artist Kim Ristau of Elusive Hare, and come in four awesome colors. A deeply vibrant Purple that changes hues depending on the angle; a Winterwood White dark chocolate stoneware clay with chocolate flecks kiln fired in a white with brown flecks glaze; a gorgeous dark chocolate clay with Green glaze and tiny chocolate flecks; and Pink! A dark chocolate clay made with a pink satin glaze . Each mug has a thumb rest with a footprint impression

These heavy duty mugs are dishwasher (top shelf) and microwave safe and can hold up to 2 cups/16 oz. of your favorite coffee, tea or beverage - hot or cold!

NOTE: This is handmade artwork. Each piece may contain slight imperfections and variations in color and features as no two are exactly the same.

Size: 16 oz.

Weight: 1.75 lbs. ea

Shipping: 2-5 days - 1 mug $12,   2 mugs $16,   3 mugs $18,   4 mugs $24

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