Finding Bigfoot - Everything You Need to Know

From Animal Planet

Introduction by Cliff Barackman

A howl in the distance. The biggest footprint you've ever seen. A blurry figure in the shadows... These are the clues that lead us to believe there is something out there - Bigfoot. Already a fan of the wildly successful FINDING BIGFOOT television show on Animal Planet? (One of the top-performing shows in the network's history!) This compendium is for you! Stacked with information for your burning questions, this heavily illustrated work features a compelling narrative with commentary from the stars of the show, photographs, extras from the Animal Planet's archives, and so much more. Skeptics will be given all the information they need to decide for themselves if they believe, while sasquatch enthusiasts will revel in this essential Bigfoot book. Do you hear that howl? Bigfoot is calling.

150 pages

Originally published August 2013

Shipping: 3-5 days

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